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Previous Show - 20th May 2003

What a fantastic night of comedy and many thanks to the audience who quite simply "up for it".

First act was Matt Blaize. This guy has come on in leaps and bounds over the last year. His material is top rate and explains why he is headlining at so many club. Many thanks must also go to the chaps from the Printing Company who sat at the front....and many thanks to one particular ear!

All the acts this night were excellent, but tonight was Freaks Outing night. He absolutely stormed it, with the audience demanding an encore. Based in Doncaster, he rarely performs south of Sheffield. Okay, he material is too close to the knuckle for the Royal Variety Performance, but this act should be headlining in all major festivals. There is nothing else like it on the comedy circuit.

Doing several costume changes he performs several characters each with their only filthy song to perform.

Above he performs as the Las Vegas singer with a love song for his soon-to-ex girlfriend

Headliner Jack Russell. This act to so great. Each time he performs here , he has a different hairstyle - tonight is was dyed 'red'

I've been trying to do his 'index finger and thumb' trick all day

Compere was Dave Lemkin. Although a newbie to the British comedy circuit, this act certainly has alot of confidence. He had the audience cheering madly within 15 seconds of going on stage - and that is going some! Definately have this act back again as compere.

Freaks Outing as the married man with a secret to hide from his wife