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Previous Show - 23rd September 2003

What a great show, showing the full range of British comedy - from comic songs to straight stand up to bizarre comedy.

First act was An Audience With Peter. Songs and banter, Peter definately showed why he is being compared to Kenneth Williams. Non-stop movement, meant this blurred photo was the best I could come up with.

Second part of the middle section was Bullett & Gunn. They have only done 6 gigs, but they were brilliant. Their acts consists of them showing the 4 different ways to create a comedy song. The highlight was them showing how to create comic effect from combining the lyrics of one song to the tune of another. Or in this case combining the tune of "Hark the Herald Angel" to "Kill the Police" by Niggers With Attitude. They made the audience stand and handed out song sheets. So you had the surreal image of the audience standing singing a Christimas Carol with the words "kill the police, O kill the police" - top material

Headline of the night was the Bastard Son of Tommy Cooper. In the above photo he is hammering a 6 inch nail up his nose....and this is no trick! One member of the audience fainted and had to be carried out when he did his sword swallowing trick. There was also a mass walk of members of the audience who couldn't stomach any more!





In the middle we had a short section from Brummie Andy White who was trying out new material. The new material was superb, showing why he is now regular headline material.

Compere was Glaswegian Charlie Ross