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Previous Show - 19th October 2004 - BBC New Comedy Act Award

What a great night! Packed out and the quality of acts was unbelievably high. Surely we must have seen the winner of this year BBC Comedy Competition tonight

I forgot to photograph the first act, Damian Larkin (sorry), so our second act above was Kerry Godleman. She started a string of top quality act. Unfortunately, I can't remember any of her jokes - but I do remember thinking "wow she is good!".

Fourth act, Lee Bannard. This was top stuff - all the acts were top quality, but for me this was that next level up. Very surreal and very dark.

Sixth act, Becky Love. playing innocent songs with a dark twist. The audience really liked her

Eighth act, Anna Crilly. She was very very good. In many ways she reflected the new breed of female comedians that are coming through. Gone are the gags about boyfriends and parts of the genitalia - which I've always found boring. In comes surreal sophisticated gags, plus real life observations. Also, you could see in Anna Crilly the beginnings of the de-construction of gags - never seen this done by a female act.

Tenth act, Ayesha Hazarika - just like Anna Crilly a breath of fresh air in female comedy. Good act about the confusion of being Muslim and Scottish

Twelth act, Steve Forbes - quite a bizarre act about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

final act of the evening, Andrew Grimwade





Third act, Rose Heiny. Yes, she was very good. She played this upper class girl - "Gosh, this is the closest I've been to trainers" - really like this act

Fifth act, Geoff Norcott. What can I say, a seasoned professional - quality all the way through. Also, it is nice to see him adding new material to his already classic rap section.

Seventh act, Lloyd Thomas

ninth act, Dave Power

Eleventh act, Andrew Perryman

Thirteenth act, Tony Augarde

Compere for the evening was the ever brilliant Geoff Whiting