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Previous Show - 6th December 2005

Brilliant show - full house

Opening Act Meryl O'Rourke. Really good - the audience laughed from start to finish. She plays this character who is frail and insecure and to overcome these problems is a 'slut' - or a reformed slut, since she now has a boyfriend. One gag right at the start typifies her performance - she says "my insecurity sometimes leaves marks on me", she then holds up her wrist and says "see that mark on my wrist? IRONING, that's what caused that. I accidently burnt myself, since my boyfriend insists I do all the ironing"

Compere Nik Coppin. Brilliant. He has perfected compering and it is interesting contrasting him with 'not-so-good-comperes' to understand the dynamics of a good and bad compere.
'not-so-good-comperes' talk to audeince members and try and find something funny about them - as a result they spend a considerable time questioning them, verging on the interogation. Nik Coppin would ask a simple question and then fit a funny image to that response. So for example the big burly bloke whose female partner answered his questioned, suddenly becomes the hen pecked husband which is even funnier because of the diminutive size of his wife

I can't identify the headline since his agent would go bnkers if they found out we book this person direct. Suffice to say he was a Genius! He did an hour and my jaw muscles were hurting from laughing so much.










Newbie act Barker and Maley