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Previous Show - 22nd March 2005

What a great night of comedy - was any low point? Even the open spots were excellent

Rhodri Rhys. Wow! He was good. He is almost headline material. The quality of his material was excellent - he really needs to get a better photo on comedycv, since he is under selling himself

Gary Bell. Wow! Another revelation. This guy has some great material. He has only done four, so he needs to get used to handing the microphone. BUT his material is excellent. In real life he is actually a barrister, so he is able using real statisitcs to show why the London Metropolitan police should have been sent to Iraq to find WMD - "Mr Saddam is that a chemical weapon on you and are those your finger prints on it?" Brilliant

Tom Binns. After the slight hiccup of the last show, he was on top form. He told me afterwards that he did a gig for the Comedy Store and went down really well.

Richard Herring. A comedy genius at work. One of his gags started with him buying 9 pots of yogurt at a supermarket and the shop teller remarking thats alot of yohurt. He then deconstructed the whole notion of what is wrong with buying 9 pots of yohurt, which went on for 15 minutes. Great







Barnard, our regular member of the audience

Dave Ward. Very good, the audience really like him