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Previous Show - 20th July 2010


Ian D Montfort - aka Tom Binns
This was an incredible act which I would urge anyone to see asap. Believe me, this is going to be big.

Basically, Tom Binns has studied Derren Brown and has merged his mind reading techniques with a spoof psychic act. So for example he will ask every one to think of a famous, but dead personality and a question they want to ask them. The act then goes as follows:

"Is your name Jane?" - to a member of the audience
Is you surname Mills?"
Is the person you are thinking of a King?"
Is it King Henry VIII?"
"Well King Henry VIII is here next to me and he tells me your question is about divorce. Is that true?"
"Yes, I wanted his advice on divorce"
"Well King Henry says that in his day, divorce was easy. He would just chop their heads off"

All the shows goes on like this. Very funny, with astonishing bits of mind reading. Quoting from pages in books where the member of an audience has just selected a page number.

Tom did 50 minutes and it was excellent


Steve N Allen

Now this guy was very good. He had this great rapor with the audeince and with the little time he had, he gags were funny

Barbara Nice

The audeince absolutely loved her. She had the audience singing along to songs, waving their arms about. She then marched then out of the club, so that they could watch her a bobsleigh walk down the pub stairs on tray.