The Cheeky Monkey Comedy club takes place at the Dark House pub, 147 Alcester Road, Moseley, Birmingham B13 8JP

Telephone number 0121 689 4372

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Previous Show - 24th February 2015

Interesting show.

Pierre Hollins

Pierre did a whole set without his guitar and it was a high quality set. Perfectly honed gags which had the audience laughing throughout. Did 40 minutes and he could easily have gone on longer – the audience were enjoying his set so much

Thom Tuck

An interesting act that is very much in the intellectual David Mitchell mode.

Demetris Deech

Confident and has good gags

Adam Jamal

Adam was the revelation of the night. Fresh from Canada, he got the audience laughing out loud throughout his set. His material is very edgy, dealing with global multi-cultural issues – for example what is like being a man of south Asian heritage dating a Japanese girl. He did a very strong 15 minutes and he is certainly one to look out for.

Paul Adams

The audience never fail to like Paul. You can tell that he has spent hours crafting these one-liners:  on one hand they are slap-on-the-thigh groan worthy, but you can bet that next week people will be telling them in the pubs.