The Cheeky Monkey Comedy club takes place at the Dark House pub, 147 Alcester Road, Moseley, Birmingham B13 8JP

Telephone number 0121 689 4372

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Previous Show - MOSELEY COMEDY FESTIVAL - 4th February 2015

A totally amazing night. The place was packed and we could easily have filled the venue twice over.

The comedy was top-notch from start to finish.

Jeremy O’Donnell

He was amazing as compere for the evening. He chatted with the audience and created so many great gags on this banter. He had me howling with laughter.

Craig Leggo

He opened the gig, which is always the most difficult slot to fill. Yet he got the audience laughing straight away. He did his Arnold Schwarzenegger gags, which are always a joy to listen to.

Katherine Ferns

Now she is interesting. She is Canadian and has this line of short snappy gags about her body and the female world. I thought her gags were great and the women in the audience were rolling about laughing at these gags – her gags clearly hit home with the female members of the audience

John Pendell

A great set and someone who has come on in leaps and bounds in the last 12 months. His material was full on “I am gay” and was just superb.

Freddie Farrell

From the audience perspective, he was the act of the night. He just ripped the roof off the place. Great gags about the time he used a MacDonalds Drive-Thru without a car or trying to get his 5 year old son to pretend to be 4 years old so they can get into a venue cheaper. At times the audience nearly collapsed on the floor howling with laughter

Zahra Barri

Jeremy and I  decided to award the Cheeky Monkey New Act Award to Zahra since we felt it was the most ‘edgy’ of the night and it was also very funny. Freddie Farrell was a close second. She is half Egyptian and half Irish, which has resulted in her having a Muslim-Roman Catholic upbringing. So her material dealt with the comparison of these two cultures, especially her time as a teenage female in Saudi Arabia. Edgy and very funny.

Aaron Levene

Now here is another interesting act – indeed I’ve been repeating some of his gags to friends today. Aaron looks like Uncle Fester from the Addams Family and has had testicular cancer: so it is no surprise that his material is very dark. The audience went from laughing out loud to “urrrrghhhh” within fractions of seconds with his gags. His material on having false testicles made out of cork was hilarious.

Jay Handley

I’ve seen Jay perform several times and he is always good. When you look like Jesus, there is a huge world of gags you can do and Jay does them really well

George Rigden

George was the perfect end to the night. Funny songs, which at times he was getting the audience to sing along to. I could have happily listened to him all night long – he was that good.