The Cheeky Monkey Comedy club takes place at the Dark House pub, 147 Alcester Road, Moseley, Birmingham B13 8JP

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Previous Show - 26th July 2015 - MADE Birmingham New Act Award at Rainbow Warehouse

Great new act award, with a high standard of acts

Gareth Berliner

Great compare, especially when you consider that we had an audience that was not expecting a comedy show. The audience really warmed to him and he had them laughing.

Paul Adams

Winner of this show. He has been honing his act at my club and it was good to see him deservedly win.

Yuriko Kotani

Great act and a close runner-up of the award. I can see her being on tv panel shows in the near future.


Sarah Airey

Sarah was the first act of the show and handled this really well. Good material about having a grown-up daughter living at home and trying to have sex with your husband without your daughter hearing you

Karl Adams

In theory this act should not be a funny, since it is about how rubbish his jokes are. YET he had the audience laughing out loud throughout his performance

Danny Beet

Nice material about trying to have a sex life as a 64 year old man.

Aaron Levene

Tony Noir

Neil Douthwaite

Nicky Priest