The Cheeky Monkey Comedy club takes place at the Dark House pub, 147 Alcester Road, Moseley, Birmingham B13 8JP

Telephone number 0121 689 4372

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Previous Show - 17th November 2015

A good show. Nicely full. The star of the night was the compere Maureen Younger – she blew the roof off.

Harriet Kemsley

Lots of lovely tales about her life as a twenty-something with the laughter getting louder and louder as she went through her act.. She definitely has that ‘future comedy star’ aura about her

Martin Croser

A great off-the-wall act. One half of the audience weren’t too sure what to make of him, whilst the other half, including me, were wetting ourselves with laughter

Cressida Wetton

Maureen Younger

Totally brilliant. Right from the moment she stepped on the stage, she had the audience in the palm of her hand. Indeed, at the end, members of the audience were queuing up to ask where she is next performing. A tour de force from her and I too can’t wait to get her back at the Cheeky Monkey comedy club

Matt Green

Good gags and had the audience laughing throughout.