The Cheeky Monkey Comedy club takes place at the Dark House pub, 147 Alcester Road, Moseley, Birmingham B13 8JP

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Previous Show - 19th January 2016

A great show. A full house

Mark Felgate

Mark delivered the goods. He had new material which was excellent.

Chris Molineux

I didn’t know what to expect from Chris. His biog doesn’t give any clues. It turns out is a non-stop ball of energy both on and off stage, and a modern age ‘Peter Sellers’ of funny voices.

On stage he did 25minutes about the subject alcohol – 25 minutes on one subject is difficult for any comedian, but Chris carried if off with ease using a wide range of voices and accents from across Europe. He does a particular great tale about going to Portugal and ending up non-stop drinking with the locals.

He lives in Rugby, just up the road, so it would be good to get him back.


A high quality 10 minutes from newbie comic Pav. Intelligent gags – similar in style to John Oliver – about racism and veganism. Superb gag about why Hitler was a vegetarian

Paul Watson

Another act with a quality 10 minutes. His style was a complete contrast to Pav. Paul being more your south London ‘geezer’ – and a lovely south London accent as well. He blew the audience away with his mind reading skit. He got a member of the audience to think of a number on a dice. Paul would then ‘mind read’ the number and  write it down on a pad. The audience member would then shout out the number, with Paul revealing the number he had wrote down. This was repeated three times and each time Paul got the number correct. Amazing

Gareth Berliner

A great compere. Gareth had come out of hospital to do this gig….and was going back to the hospital after the gig. High quality stuff from Gareth