The Cheeky Monkey Comedy club takes place at the Dark House pub, 147 Alcester Road, Moseley, Birmingham B13 8JP

Telephone number 0121 689 4372

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Photos of previous shows - 2006

Addy Borgh, Dan Willis, Rich Wilson MC Matt Hollinsphotos by Martin Mullaney
Stewart Francis, Susan Murray, Smurf Docker, MC-Kevin Shepherd

photos by Martin Mullaney
Sean Percival, Mike Tombs, Phil Buckley, MC-John Cooper
photos by Martin Mullaney

Rob Rouse, John Gordillo, Bryan Lacey, MC-Pat Gallagher

photos by Martin Mullaney
Mitch Benn, Alex Horne, Dave Florez, MC - Steve Parryphotos by Martin Mullaney
Rob Deering, Isy Suttie, Andy Hobo, MC Dan Evansphotos by Martin Mullaney
Will Smith, Tony Law, MC Gareth Berlinerphotos by Martin Mullaney
Robin Ince, Stephen Grant, MC John Robinsphotos by Martin Mullaney
'So You Think You're Funny' comedy competiton - Midlands Heat, MC Rhod Rhysphotos by Martin Mullaney
Parrot, Lewis Mark Clark, Zoe Lyons, MC Chris Cairnsphotos by Martin Mullaney
Helen Austin, Dave Longley, Barry Dodds, MC Jon Simmitphotos by Martin Mullaney
Steve Best, Danny Dawes, Dave Graves., Alex Horne, MC Nick Radophotos by Martin Mullaney
Spikey Mike, Wes Packer, Aaron Rice, John Cooper, Martin Aldridge, Jim Smallman, compere Tom Binnsphotos by Martin Mullaney
Hal Cruttenden, Tony Ryan, Wes Zaharuk, Sarah Millican, compere Gary Delaneyphotos by Martin Mullaney
Mark Maier, Ben Hurley, Lloyd Langford, compere Andy Robinsonphotos by Martin Mullaney
Charity Fund Raiser for Oxfam and Fairtrade - Andy White, Karen Bayley, Johnny Sorrow, Craig Deeley, compere Barbara Nicephotos by Martin Mullaney
Inder Manocha, Christian Reilly, Julian Deane, compere Del Strainphotos by Martin Mullaney
Sol Bernstein, Al Pitcher, Rob Alderson, compere Pat Gallagherphotos by Martin Mullaney
Rob Rouse, Aaron Counter, Liz Carr, compere Tom Binnsphotos by Martin Mullaney
Pierre Hollins, Geoff Norcott, Lou Chawner, Ross Ashcroft, compere Mike Belgravephotos by Martin Mullaney